Since 2004, Arvada Roof Repair has brought unparalleled expertise to a variety of Arvada roofing projects. They are owned and operated by a Colorado Roofing industry leader, which means they utilize the newest methods of installing and repairing residential and commercial roofs. The Arvada roofing company began as insurance claims adjusting company and later branched out to production. Since 2007, they have worked as both roofing contractors and in the insurance industry to provide homeowners and business owners’ piece of mind in terms of insurance claims and their property.

Ultimately, protecting your home or business’s roof from damage is important and could save you the expense of costly repairs. Flood insurance is vital for property that isn’t commonly insured through a standard property insurance policy. The town of Arvada participates in a program known as the Community Rating System (CRS), which offers its residents discounts on insurance premiums.

Flood insurance can be purchased from a mortgage company or through the National Flood Insurance Program itself. According to the town of Arvada, homes located in a floodplain have a 26% chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. Flood insurance can cover any walled or roofed structure. Separate insurance coverage can be purchased to cover a building’s contents too. It’s important to understand that most standard property insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Anyone can purchase flood damage insurance whether or not they live specifically in a floodplain or not.

Understanding Arvada’s local climate and weather patterns helps you better understand the importance of protecting your property today. If a natural disaster does occur, C&T Roofing Repair can work with you and your insurance company to get a claim going and to repair your home or business as fast as possible.


The city of Arvada, Colorado is located in both Adams and Jefferson counties and is a part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan area. According to the United States Census Bureau, the area hosts about 112,000 residents. Arvada itself is considered the seventh most populated city in the state.

Before the town was incorporated, gold was discovered in the Rocky Mountain area in 1850. Ralston’s Creek was naked for Lewis Ralston, a prospector from Georgia who found the source. During Pike’s Peak Gold Rush 8 years later, Ralston brought another group of people back to the site of his discovered and found more gold in the mountains to the west. Because of this discovery and the popularity to the area, the Territory of Colorado was first formed in February 1861.

The Colorado Central Railroad first constructed tracks to join the Kansas Pacific Railroad and the Denver Pacific Railroad at Jersey Junction, a place just 3 miles north of Denver city limits. This linked the territory with other places across the nation. Colorado was granted statehood in August 1876 and the town of Arvada was incorporated in 1904. Known as a lively agricultural community, Arvada is best known as the “Celery Capital of the World.” The town itself grew fast during the last half of the 20th century as a Denver suburb. By the end of the millennium, the population of Arvada reached over 100,000 and has remained over that mark since 2000.

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It’s no secret that Arvada gets a lot of precipitation. The town averages about 19 inches of rain each year and nearly 84 inches of snow. The average is about 54% less than the average nationwide and about 1.82 inches more than the average for the state of Colorado. The most rain comes in April and May and the most snow from December to February. Rain and even snow can play havoc on a roof, especially an older one. This makes regular maintenance checks important. Our Arvada roofing professionals can thoroughly inspect your roof for any leaks, missing shingles or other obstructions that may lead to interior damage.


The Colorado metropolitan area has experienced flooding many times in the past. Flood intensity is measured by using the terms 50-year storm, 100-year storm or 1,000-year storm. A 100-year storm means that someone has a 1/100th chance or 1% chance of occurring in any given year and so on.

Three major storms have hit Arvada in the last 40 years. The first was in 1976 where much of the Big Thompson River Valley was destroyed. This was described as a 1,000-year storm and the worst flood experienced by the town. In 1989, Ralston Road in Arvada Plaza was flooded in a 50-year storm. Fort Collins was left destroyed in 1997 with a 500-year storm. K,

Ultimately Arvada has many FEMA-identified 100-year floodplains. They include: Dry Creek, Big Dry Creek, Ralston Creek, Leyden Creek, Clear Creek and Van Bibber Creek. It’s important to note that even if a property isn’t located in a flood plain, flooding can still occur as a result of a localized drainage source overflowing.

Arvada is on top of the flooding game. The city itself joined the federal National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1972 and also participates in the Community Rating System (CRS) since 1991. Both programs provide flood protection with awareness of flood hazards to local residents. The CRS program provides discounts on flood insurance premiums to towns that exceed the minimum federal NFIP requirements. As of a result of this, Arvada residents receive a 25% discount on premiums.

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The zip code with the highest number of damaging hail near Arvada is 80004, an area in the center of the city. The yearly hail index lies at 314, with the United States as a whole’s total is 100 and Colorado 260. As you can see, there is elevated risk of hail in the Arvada area.

Hail season in Colorado is generally mid-April through mid-August. The forefront of the hail damage comes in Hail Alley, which is where the highest frequency of large hail falls in North America and even some parts of the world. Three or four catastrophic hailstorms occur each year. In the last 10 years alone, hailstorms in Colorado have caused over $3 billion in insured damage. Hail damage is generally covered on all insurance policies, but proper coverage for your home or business is a necessity in Arvada.


Because of the area we live in, it’s even more important to maintain the roof of your property regularly. C&T Roof Repair takes great pride on having a competent, experienced and skilled team of workers ready to help you when you need. We are dedicated to helping make sure that your roof is sound enough in order to protect your home from this detrimental weather. We only use high-quality materials on every job we’re contracted to perform resulting in long-lasting work.

We offer roof repairs, installation and maintenance, skylight installations and repairs, snow removal, gutter installation, repairs and maintenance. The next time you’re looking for an Arvada roofing company, contact us to learn about what we can do for you.