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One of the biggest investments you will make is to buy a home or a commercial building. When it comes to maintaining the property, it’s important to make sure that your roof is always in the best shape possible. This makes hiring a Westminster roofing company to do a free inspection important. Arvada Roofing is conveniently located within 3 miles from Westminster and can accommodate quick appointments for new clients. Westminster is a high wind area and is prone to hail storms, meaning that roof damage can be abundant for both homeowners and business owners in the area.


When a Westminster roofing expert meets with you in order to examine your roof, they will want to ensure that your roof is ready to handle any type of weather. If they do in fact find roof damage, they will discuss Westminster roofing repair options and the costs associated with each. This estimate for the repairs is free with no charge. In some cases, roofs are damaged from wind, snow, rain or other weather can be fixed without needing a total roof replacement. If you are associated with a homeowners’ association, you may be need repairs done a certain way and we can help to investigate that for you too. Arvada Roofing and our Westminster roofing contractors will work with you to determine what the requirements are so that you are fully compliant.


If your roof has been badly damaged by weather or other things, it’s possible that our roofing contractor will need to fully replace it. This oftentimes is the safest option to ensure that your roof is ready for difficult weather ahead. It also is important in terms of protecting your investment, your home or commercial business building. When discussing the roof replacement, one of our Westminster roofing experts can give you information on the options available in terms of materials. We use a large variety of products that suit different home designs and budgets.

Tile: This is a popular Westminster roofing style as it is ready to install. A roofing contractor such as Arvada Roofing can install this type of roof with ease. This material lasts a long time and can sustain all types of weather.

Metal: Installing this type of roof can be difficult, so you will want one of our professional contractors on your side for this Westminster roofing project. This is especially true as there should never be any gaps for rain to get into your home or commercial building. This is available in many colors and is pretreated so it protects against weather and rust.

Shingle: Shingles are an inexpensive Westminster roofing option and can be used on many homes. The installation process is fairly simple for one of our roofing contractors and can be done quickly. This material isn’t considered as long lasting as others previously mentioned however.

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The roof of your commercial building is what protects it most from the elements. Our area in Colorado sees rough weather all throughout the year. Because of this, it’s important to protect your commercial roof properly. A roofing inspection from a Westminster roofing specialist can make sure that you can prevent costly repairs from occurring in the future. If you know that your commercial roof has sustained some type of weather-related damage, it’s time to call our professionals. We are experienced with working with insurance companies to get your roofing work approved. From there, we can work on it as soon as possible with high-quality, professional work each and every time.

Ultimately, a weak and/or damaged roof can lead to structural problems, mold and interior damage too. When you’re in need of Westminster roofing repairs for your commercial roof, trust our team. We approach every roofing project, residential and commercial alike, with precision. We are experts at finding the leak quickly and how to arrange repairs to work best for each client.

When you need your commercial roof inspection, our Westminster roofing company can offer a thorough check of the entire roof easily. Our roof inspection report will show you photographs as well as an assessment of findings as well as roof repair estimates and viable solutions for you to review with our roofing specialist. Our roof repair services are created so that you can save time and ease your stress. Rather than allowing your roofing problem to worsen, allow our team to get the repairs you need done today.

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