At C & T Roofing we are proud of our craftsmanship and service that we have provided for our customers over the years. We are here to help answer any questions, to help make your home improvement process as easy as possible.

For questions about your current roofing project, the best person to talk to is your representative since they will be the most familiar with the ongoings of the project. Your representative is the person that came and initially inspected your roof, and worked with you when you signed the agreement with C & T Roofing.

You can find all their contact information on their business card, or you can call our main number and ask to be transferred to them.

We have answered some commonly asked questions below, however if you cannot find the answers you are looking for please do not hesitate to call us!


Your representative will be able to answer all questions you have about your materials. They will be able to show you samples, and help you pick out materials that work best for you. Your representative will also be able to go over all the details of your roofing project with you, and make sure you are comfortable at every step of the process.

There are many factors that play a role in how long it takes to complete your roof. Weather, daylight hours, number of other projects going on simultaneously and our suppliers are some major factors. But on average a roofing project can take anywhere from 30 and 60 days from the time that your contract and paperwork has been finalized with C & T Roofing. Your paperwork will include your contract, insurance paperwork, material selection, pre-job checklist, and your project scope/estimate. Our production department will call you the day before your materials are due to be dropped off at your house. When your roof is going to be built, you will be notified again. The time it takes between the time of your material drop and the time they begin to build your roof, largely depends on the weather. While we do work year round, it is only as weather permits.

Unfortunately we have no control over this aspect. Your inspection time frame will depend on your city’s availability. Many times if there has just been a major storm, roof inspectors will become overloaded and it can take weeks even months for them to do your inspection. You can be sure though, that we are requesting your inspection and handling the process efficiently for you.

Yes! We will leave a ladder ahead of time so your inspector can inspect your roof. By law, roofing companies are required to provide the ladder for inspectors. The inspection will usually take place the same day we leave the ladder, however sometimes it will take a couple of days. Once your inspector has come and finished their inspeciation we come to remove the ladder.

Please leave your permit on your front door until it has been signed by the City/County/State inspector. It is very important – if you remove the permit before it is approved, YOUR ROOF WILL FAIL INSPECTION. When you see that the “inspection completed” line has been sign, then you can take the permit off your door and keep for your records. If the inspector has left any required correction, please be sure to contact your C & T Roofing representative so they can come retrieve the permit and correct the issues and call for a re-inspection.

If you experienced any damages through your roofing process please contact your C & T representative with any and all concerns. Your representative will be able to do a walk through with you to take note of any damages and come up with solution and a plan for repair. It is important to due a thorough inspection of your home before our roofers come to install your new roof. This way you will know what damage was already there and what damage is new. We will also carefully document all damages we see before we even begin construction. Your satisfaction is very important and will do what we can to ensure that!


Many times when you receive a payment from your insurance company it is money meant to reimburse C & T for the work that is scheduled or has already happened. If you do receive money, please call your C & T representative and they can help you complete the payment.

The invoice that you received will show the final about that is due from your insurance company based on what we agreed to with them. If you have not received the remaining amount from them, you will receive the final amount soon after the invoice. If there is a difference between the invoice and the amount you received from your insurance provider, this could be the difference in your deductible or a possible error made by your insurance company. If you have any questions regarding your invoice or the amount of money you received from your insurance company please don’t hesitate you call your C & T representative; they will be able to answer all your questions.

If your roof has been completed and you still have not received the final invoice from C & T, it could be for a number of reasons. The first could be that we are waiting on information from your insurance company. Your insurance company could be reviewing photos or documents that C & T has sent them. This reviewal process could take up to several weeks. The second reason could be that we are waiting for a Certificate of Completion from you. C & T will not collect a final payment or send an invoice to your insurance company until you are completely satisfied. The last reason could be that we are waiting to resolve any damage concerns that you may have. C & T will not send out a final invoice until all repairs have been scheduled for repair and you have submitted a Certificate of Completion.