Should I use roof repair or roof replacement services for my damaged roof?

It’s a common homeowner mistake to wait before fixing a damaged roof. Most roofing contractors recommend to take care of roof damage problems right away to save a lot of time and money later. How do you decide whether to repair or replace your roof? If you don’t know what roofing service you need, request a roof inspection from your local roofing contractor. There are a few considerations to review before making an informed decision. Seasonal weather can affect your already damaged roof and repairing it every time due to weather conditions will drain your wallet. If you don’t care about possible color difference between old and new installed shingles due to weather, roof repair might be a best fit. However, replacing the full roof will keep you less concerned about possible roof leaks due to the shingles deterioration of your old roof. Another consideration is the age and condition of your roof. It might be worth looking into roof replacement estimate to see if it’s cheaper to replace the whole roof instead of adding multiple fixes, which may cost you a fortune over time. A typical asphalt shingle roof can last up to 20 years, when properly installed and maintained. Roof repairs are common for smaller problems, such as missing shingles and small roof leaks. Beware of ice dams, or buildup of ice that prevents water from draining and can create major leaks.

What are the options for repairing my roof?

For minor roof damage you can overlay, or lay shingles over the existing roof shingles. This approach can save you money, but be careful not to overlook major problems that can cost you more over time. Overlay, also called patching, is not recommended for commercial roofing as it is not aesthetically pleasing compared to full roof replacement.

What is the best roof repair or replacement solution for your time and budget?

If the problem is small, it’s best to go with roof repair and wait to replace the whole roof during a warmer season. Winter roof repairs are relatively cheaper than in the summer – the busiest season for roofing contractors. We recommend that you order roofing repair and replacement services before winter storms hit. Roofers are often more flexible scheduling of roofing services in your local area. Another consideration is the damaged area – if more than 30% of your roof area is damaged, you might want to consider roof replacement. Yes, it may cost more to replace the whole roof, but it will be more beneficial over time. Plus, there are roofing contractors who work with insurance claims and can help you save money while using expert roofing service. Most insurers cover weather-related damage, so taking that into consideration will help you decide what’s best for you. If the roof damage is an emergency and even if it’s not, always try to fix a roofing problem before it might cost more or will be difficult to find the right roofing specialist in your area. Contact Arvada Roofing for a consultation and let our experts provide you with the best roof repair or replacement solution serving Arvada, CO; Westminster, CO; Wheat Ridge, CO; Lakewood, CO; Golden, CO; West Denver, CO; Genesee, CO!

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