When should I upgrade my roof?

Upgrading your roof is a big decision and often it depends on multiple factors. First, consider upgrading your roof when you notice any signs of deterioration, such as edges of shingles are curling, cracked or missing shingles, and of course water leaking. Older roofs tend to cause more problems and need to be repaired or replaced, depending on how much roof damage there is due to hail damage or storm damage. Overlay, or laying out a layer of shingles over the existing ones, can help save money. But be careful considering overlay if you already have multiple layers of shingles on your roof. Many counties in Colorado only allow one layer and thus your best choice would be to have a roof replacement. Overlays require less labor, but may cost you more later when you need to replace the roof, which would begin with the removal of all existing shingle layers.

What are energy-efficient roof upgrades?

As you may know, older roofs are not energy-efficient. The advances in technology make new roofs a lot more energy-efficient and easier to maintain. Metal roofs or standing seam tend to help prevent accumulation of snow on roofs. Also, its shape allows snow to easily slide off a roof instead of accumulating, therefore preventing ice dams, which are one of the major causes of leaks and storm damage. Proper roof insulation also plays a major role in the winter, when energy bills skyrocket if your roof is not properly insulated. Do not underestimate the importance of roof insulation, you can ask a roofing contractor whether your roof has enough insulation.

How much do commercial roofing services cost?

The cost for commercial roofing services varies by material, the complexity of a roof and roofing contractor prices in your area. Plan ahead and get your roof upgrade before it begins to cause problems, especially during the colder months of a year. Even in cold weather, Arvada Roofing experts can repair or replace your roof. Our technicians are used to Colorado weather conditions and know how to handle a project in any weather. When you’re prepared to replace or repair your roof, contact us for reliable and high-quality service for commercial roofing, roof upgrades, and other services. We currently serve Littleton, CO; Highlands Ranch, CO; Centennial, CO and more. Call Arvada Roofing to get your roof repair today!

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