Top Rated Local® Roofing Company

Imagine all the ways your roof can become damaged. Imagine your roof being repaired without all the hassle. And imagine being able to trust a local roofing contractor to help you without dealing with the “sales” pitches. 

At Arvada Roofing and Home Improvement, we work to serve your needs first. Our mission is to get you the roof inspection and estimate you need to make the best financial decision possible. What’s more, we welcome quotes from other companies, too! You can bring us what you’ve got and we’ll work to take care of you within the budget you have. 

When you choose to work with us, you get the top-tier materials and unprecedented service you deserve. Don’t let other companies make you chase them to get the attention you deserve. Give us a call today and get your commercial roofing inspection scheduled. 

The Arvada Roofing Process

It can be time-consuming to give a handful of roofing companies a call to get commercial roofing estimates. If other companies answer their phones, you’ll have to wait a week or two before they can even get out to your business. At Arvada Roofing, we believe that’s too long of a wait. We want to inspect your roof and get you an estimate sooner, so that you can make a decision immediately, not later. A damaged roof only gets worse the longer it sits unrepaired. Here’s our process when you give us a call. 

#1. Talk with a Team Member

Arvada Roofing is a locally owned and operated company staffed by locals who care about their communities — and you’re a part of those communities. So when you call, our local staff and experts will work with you to determine the best course of action. This can be a phone consultation, an in-person inspection, or even a referral to a more specialized company. 

#2. Schedule Your Roof Inspection

If you’re ready to work with Arvada Roofing, we’ll schedule an inspection with you. Our inspection scheduling is unique in that we work around your schedule the best we can. For most, business hours are between nine and five, which makes it tough to have an inspection come out during the day without missing work. Don’t fret. Arvada Roofing works with you to find a time that fits your schedule. 

#3. Your Commercial Roof Inspection

An Arvada Roofing team member arrives at your business location and confirms the inspection. Once confirmed, we’ll go ahead and start the inspection. In most cases, we’ll ask a series of questions about what put you on to calling for an inspection. This will give us a more comprehensive understanding of your roof situation. Then, we will get up on your roof and complete a comprehensives sweep. Finally, we will let you know what we found so that we can create your free estimate to repair any damages. 

#4. You Make Your Decision

Once you have your free estimate in hand, the decision is 100% yours to make on which roofing company to trust. Our team is committed to you getting the best service and roofing solution possible. That’s why we don’t “lean” or “pressure” you into a sale. We get to know your budget and let you know the cost of our services. At that point, we step back and wait until you’re ready to make a decision. 

#5. Schedule Your Project and Complete It

You decide to work with us at Arvada Roofing. You are pumped about your decision. And you’re ready to get this project completed as soon as possible. We’ll schedule your project and get it on the books. Then, we’ll arrive at your location to take care of your roof. 

#6. Final Walkthrough 

Most roofing companies complete jobs, get the check, and run. Not here at Arvada Roofing. We will do a  final consultation on what we did to your roof, how to maintain it, and when you should call us again for another inspection. Our process is thorough and comprehensive, because we’re neighbors and we believe in doing the job right. 

Ready to get your commercial roof inspected? Give us a call today! Our team will get you scheduled for your roofing inspection.